Welcome to D-Tech, Montana
501 W. Main St. Thompson Falls, MT 59873
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Free WiFI


Computer slow-downs and virus removal are among our specialties.

Hardware and Windows® problems?

We're the best at installation, configuration,
optimization and trouble-shooting!


All of our onsite computer services are included for a 
flat fee of $160.

Any specialty hardware or software is an additional cost. 

Rest assured that we will get you the best product
at the best price available. 


Can't bring it in? We'll come to you!

A service call in your home is only $50 in addition to our flat fee.


Does your home or business need networking solutions?

Need new hardware or computer systems to bring you
or your business greater productivity?

We'll consult with you onsite or at your home or business

for $110/hr.


Are you out of area, out of state, or even out of country?

We can fix your computer remotely.

Call for billing.